Is the thought of driving your kids to school and sports eclipsing your normally sunny disposition? With Pogo, you’ll be over the moon.

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Chances are most of your time today was spent either:


  1. hearing about the eclipse (the analyzing and breaking down from every possible angle):
  2. prepping for the eclipse (chasing down those glasses for your child was harder than finding a Cabbage Patch Kid in 1983. Though our CEO Melissa always plans ahead and scored a pair for her adorable astronomy fan above.)
  3. watching the eclipse (all that effort for two minutes of entertainment? #worthit)


And after it was all over, you either went back into your office, walked home from the park, or, got in your car.


Actually, upwards of 7 million of you got in your car. And the majority of you are likely still sitting in your car.

This created quite a task for transportation agencies all over the country.


“They went. They saw the Great American Eclipse. And then they all jumped back in their cars and tried to get home.”


Reminds me of another traffic phenomenon that happens quite a bit more than once a century.




The school day starts and ends around the same time every weekday. According to the WSDOT, 25% of cars on the road during Seattle rush hour are parents taking their kids to or from school.


That’s 1/4 or 2/8 or 4/16 or 25:100. AKA: a huge chunk of our traffic.


Imagine what that rush hour would look like if there was one extra child in your car, and one less car on the road. Multiple that a few hundred times and there would be a noticeable difference for all commuters.


But for some parents, starting a carpool doesn’t feel all that easy. Over the past year, our Pogo team has had countless conversations with families about the barriers to carpooling.


I don’t know who to carpool with.

It’s too hard to coordinate.

I can’t reciprocate.

I don’t want to always have to yes to driving.


We feel your pain parents (no really, we do!) Our co-founder John spent years (sorry to date you, John) managing his kids carpool like this:


Now there’s nothing wrong with this system–it’s actually pretty slick. Everyone knew when they were driving and who they were driving. You could sign up to drive and go to the spreadsheet to make changes.


But the reality is that we don’t need to use a static spreadsheet anymore.


With Pogo, all signups, changes, and requests update instantly in the app and in your calendar. Taking home a new kiddo? Easily get directions to their drop off point. Need to see where your child is en route? Check the map and you’ll know their ETA. Don’t feel like driving a particular child? (the one who always gets on your kid’s nerves, and therefore, yours too?) Click “Sorry, ride full” and drive away guilt-free.



So yes, while for most parents driving is a daily occurrence and not a rare solar phenomenon, it can be less painful than staring at the sun.

Happy Carpooling, and drive home safe! 


Julia (+ my own little astronomer, shown above.)



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