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Julie Pile

COO, ParentCamp, Inc

President, Stinger Media, LLC

Boone County Schools Parent Ambassador

Lyft Driver

Parent of a daughter (8th grade) and son (6th grade)



287 rides completed for her daughter’s swim team



Florence, Kentucky




School does not provide transportation to practice, without carpooling some students could not be on the team.



At least once a week. Parents rotate which frees up Julia to do all her other obligations (see above!)


If anyone embodies the lyrics “I’m every woman“ it’s Julie Pile. It’s a mystery to me how she has time to set up her daughter’s swim team carpool, run her own marketing company, lead a national non-profit that brings parents and teachers together, and drive for Lyft. I talked with Julie during a rare free moment from her home in Florence, Kentucky.


Pogo: How did you first hear about Pogo?:

Julie: I was looking for a new app for our swim team–there’s no bus transportation from our middle school to the pool where they practice. The high school kids drive to practice, but can’t drive middle schoolers because we’re in the opposite direction. Plus there is a law in Kentucky that you can only have two passengers in the car that are under 18. We had tried a couple other carpool apps but they didn’t work. Some had iPhones, some Android, and we needed something that worked for both. Plus the others just didn’t seem to work very well.


P: Has the school ever provided transportation?

J: Not for off campus sports teams. It’s just too expensive, so this is our solution.


P: Anything you would change or add to the app?

J: I’d love to be able to be the main admin for the group and add/remove parent drivers. It’s just my personality to be able to keep track of it all. I also wish more people would join, but it’s been growing by word-of-mouth. People know me from volunteering at school, so when I invite them there is an instant sense of trust.


P: What would make your carpool easier?

J: I think it would be great to keep track of who’s driving. Some parents aren’t able to drive due to work schedules, and that’s just fine. There are a number of parents who share the driving duties so that all kids can participate, but it would be nice to keep track.


P: Would you ever be interested in giving rides for compensation?

J: I really don’t mind if I’m going that way anyway. But since I drive for Lyft, I’ve realized that people really do want reliable drivers–especially for their children. I can’t pick up kids under 18 unless they are with an adult, but I’d be more than happy to drive kids with Pogo, and I think I’ve earned the trust of my community that parents would gladly pay.


P: Any helpful carpool hacks?

J: I always have snacks ready to go for all the kids in my carpool. After a full day of school and prepping for a tiring swim practice, they need to refuel!


—Julia Selfridge


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