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Carly Thaler

83 carpool rides (and counting) completed with her two kids, ages 11 and 8

to gymnastics, soccer, and school, ALL over Seattle, WA

school bus strike, keeps cars off the road

driving only ¼ of the time she drove before


Carly’s son and daughter (right) and two of her carpool kiddos


Carly is what we like to call one of our Pogo “Superstars.” She walks the talk of wanting to help the environment and keep cars off the road by spearheading several carpools at her school and for her kids sports teams. Carly was a part of a recent Q13 TV segment about Pogo. I spoke to Carly via phone from my home in Dallas and enjoyed my talk with her, especially her enthusiasm for ride sharing and her ability to help other families connect with one another. Here’s a portion of our conversation:


Pogo: How did you first hear about Pogo?:

Carly: “I heard an ad on KUOW [a Seattle area NPR station] about connecting families to carpool and I thought, ‘I had this idea!’ The timing was fortunate as our school bus system had just gone on strike and I was having a hard time finding other families who wanted to carpool. I told a few people and it took off—we now have a five family carpool.”


P: So now that the strike is over, do the kids take the bus?

C: “They do, but more often we use the carpool as kids can now do after school activities that they couldn’t sign up for before due to the bus schedule. That’s been a big bonus.”


P: How did you look for carpool families before Pogo?

C: “It was hard. I couldn’t get help from the school so the only option was the scan the directory for addresses that seemed close to me.”


P: Has there been anything surprising about your new carpool?

C: [thinks for a minute]…”Not really, although I do love listening to six 10 year-old boys talk in the back seat. [laughing] Their last conversation was about the Super Bowl and how much they didn’t like Tom Brady!


P: What’s playing in your car during your carpool?

C: “Usually an alternative station, 107.7 The End. [laughing] One of the carpool Dad’s sent a message to the group saying (sarcastically) that his son couldn’t stop signing Pink Floyd’s ‘We don’t need no education’ [Another Brick in the Wall] and thanking me for playing it on the way to school. We all had a laugh at that.”


P: Any helpful carpool hacks?

C: “Hmmmm, not that I can think of. I do think it’s important to teach my kids to say ‘thank you’ to the parent that gave them a ride and to look them in the eye. Manners makes a big difference in a carpool.”


P: Anything else to share?

“Nothing other than I like to brag about using Pogo. When people say it’s too difficult to set up or they can’t be bothered to drive other people’s kids, I say ‘But you only have to drive ¼ of the time! Plus it keeps cars off the road!’ It’s a no-brainer for me. I can get more work done and oh! I don’t have to drag my 8 year-old daughter around! So I have more time for her and work—she loves that.”


—Julia Selfridge



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