We are excited to be working with the respected local nanny agency Seattle Nanny Network to offer paid rides through the Pogo app. All of Seattle Nanny’s caregivers are exceptionally well screened, trained, and experienced. Please note these rides are available only in the metro Seattle area, which includes the Eastside suburbs.

Here’s how the process works…


Enter all ride details in the Discover tab>Filter


Select the Pogo Professional Rides in search results


Select “Set up a ride” in the profile page


Enter ride details. Done!

That’s it! Here’s what comes next:

You will receive an email with instructions for completing the Seattle Nanny form and entering payment information.

You can see your paid ride along with your other carpool rides in the Ride tab

Pogo will work with the Seattle Nanny Network to find a driver. You will be notified when a driver is assigned.

You can see the driver’s profile, including photo, car, background, and contact details by selecting their face in ride details.

If you have any questions or comments for the driver, add a note to the ride or use the in-app messaging to message the driver from their profile.

Questions? Email Pogo at support@pogorides.com.