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Carpool Party Playlist Profile:

Josh Lehman



As Cofounder and CEO of Pogo Rides, Melissa Fox-Lehman is no stranger to taking control. But when the family piles into the car, the keys to the DJ booth are handed to husband and father, Josh Lehman.


A year-long road trip through South America left a global mark on Josh’s musical tastes. His playlists balance old school favorites, the newest jams and the brightest stars from West Africa or Chile.


Pogo: What’s the secret to building a great playlist?

JL: Collect songs and craft playlists during a season, such as spring-summer or fall-winter; I find that music helps associate our mind to distinct time periods and positive memories. Sequence songs for variety. Always be listening for NEW – beats, rhythms and rhymes; leverage time when you’re cooking, folding clothes, building trains or playing house, driving to the store; Shazam or text yourself new artists and songs. Tap multiple sources for new music, KBCS, KEXP, Apple music, Spotify, La Blogotheque, concerts at the Tractor, Neptune, Showbox, Jazz Alley and ALWAYS listen to your favorites with friends.


Pogo: Kids love mac and cheese, but what’s the secret to introducing them to musical fare that’s a little more exotic?

JL: Engage and discover music together. Go to festivals so the kiddos can experience live performances – see, smell, and hear Bumbershoot midday. Show enthusiasm around music, sing a catchy refrain, get on your feet and dance around the kitchen; rotate playlists to keep it fresh.


Pogo: What’s a quick pick-me-up when the kids are in a bad mood?

JL: Blue Magic by Son Little. Runner up is Too Much Monkey Business by Elvis Presley.


Pogo: What’s the number one song that always brings the house (or car) down?

JL: Like a dream by Francis and the Lights, currently the family dance song.


Pogo: What’s the biggest mistake people make when building a playlist?

JL: Don’t just make one go-to playlist, make several that pull in songs for different moods or times of day; mellow songs for the morning and upbeat and dance for evening cooking or cleaning. I like to keep songs to 5 minutes or less.


Pogo: Which song do you pretend is for the kids but is actually for you?

JL: All the new stuff . . . “Hey kids, want to listen to some new music?!” . . . works without fail in our house


Pogo: What song makes the kids cringe but MUST be played?

JL: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash


Pogo: Describe the fallout when Melissa gets her hands on the stereo.

JL: We find the fastest way to get home . . .
In all seriousness, it’s pretty good. Her go-to’s include Power 93.3 for new pop and Hot 103.7 for throwbacks.


Pogo: Best song for a long drive? Short drive?

JL: No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley for longer journeys; Messages by Xavier Rudd is a short drive favorite.


Long drive or short one, here’s what Josh rocks out to–enjoy!




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