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Today’s guest bloggers are Martin Penner and Taryn Elledge-Penner of Quartier Collective (the amazing photographers behind all of our Pogo Pics) Martin is also Managing Partner and the force behind the success of Seattle’s Great State Burger (if you haven’t tried one yet, it’s time). They are kicking off our Spotify “Carpool Party” playlist series, and they are the perfect folks to lead it, as they are 10x’s cooler than I am.


Take a look at Martin and Taryn’s interview with Sean Marshall (pictured below) and then get your groove on to Sean’s Spotify Carpool Party playlist.




Like it or not, when you get behind the wheel you wear the mantle of DJ till the ride is over. You’re David Guetta in a booth above the dance floor, a sea of expectant faces watching from the rear view mirror. Kids can be the pickiest music critics in the world and DJ’ing their ride can be lot of pressure. But with the right tunes, every trip is a carpool party waiting to happen. It’s up to you to provide the soundtrack.


A killer playlist can turn a boring ride into a total hoedown. But making a great playlist can be tough; there’s tempo, mood and transitions to consider. Classics vs new jams. Sure hits and long shots. That song you think is so cool might get eye-rolled out the window. That’s why we’re reaching out to the experts. Follow along as we share Carpool Party playlists from those who really know how to roll.


Today’s Profile: 


Sean Marshall

Dad to two kids

Media/Marketing Strategy at Blue 449

Motto: “You Do You”


We all have that friend who truly loves music. The one who guides us to great new artists or calls out the moment the beat is about to drop. Sean Marshall is that friend. While most of us know how to join a party, Sean knows how to make one.


Sean’s playlists have featured at birthday parties, family dance-offs and late-night, parents-only barn dances. We sat down with him to find out how he builds that magical set.


Pogo: What’s the secret to building a great playlist?


SM: Music that makes you feel. Beats, rhythm, sing along, make you smile and shake it capabilities, topical jams (like latest movie tunes) for the kids, mixed with classic or new cuts that get it done for Mom and Dad too.


Pogo: What’s a quick pick-me-up when the kids are in a bad mood?


SM: Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.


Pogo: What’s the number one song that always brings the house (or car) down?


SM: Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line, Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam, or Lady Gaga – Bad Romance.


Pogo: What’s the biggest mistake people make when building a playlist?


SM: Over indexing on all new or all kids music — as a parent you have to be able to find your groove. Curating what you deem to be the ‘good stuff’ is half the fun. If you feel it, chances are your kids will too.


Pogo: Which song do you pretend is for the kids but is actually for you?


SM: Whatever my flavor of the day, week or month might be. I tell them I wanna dance, we jump in the car, and queue it up. The rest falls right into place.


—Martin Penner and Taryn Elledge-Penner



Well, what are you waiting for?! Sean’s Carpool Party playlist on Spotify is ready for you.


Happy Carpooling! Rock on!



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