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Typically a person will receive a pre-approved invitation to join the Pogo group for their school or club or sports team, accompanied by a 5 digit code to enter when prompted in the app. You can also search for public groups and request to join, which requires the approval of the group admin.

Each Pogo group has a 5 digit code. This is intended to strike a balance between the security of the group and making it accessible for the members of that community to easily join the group. So take care with whom you share the 5 digit code. The group admin has the ability to remove a group member, so if you feel as though someone is in your group who doesn’t belong there, please direct your concern to the group admin.

This can happen two ways in Pogo. (1) You are the driver of the ride and include your child in the ride. (2) You request a ride for your child and share that request with whomever you are comfortable driving your child. Your child is in a “pending state” in that ride until someone confirms that they will drive your child. You can remove your child from any ride at any time. Just to reiterate…you choose to download the Pogo app, who to connect with, who rides in your car, and with whom your children ride.

Pogo strives to provide tools and information to help you make informed decisions about ride sharing options. However, that information does not include background checks, driver’s license verification, proof of insurance, or driving history. We will help you discover parents who live near you, share trusted group connections with you (school, club, sports team), and share personal connections (e.g., “I don’t know Susan but I know Linda and she knows Susan and lets her kids ride a lot with Susan”). Pogo is intended to help inform but in no way be a substitute for parental judgement. If you’re not sure about another parent as a driver, send them a message via the Pogo app and meet in the real world.

When you first use Pogo you will be asked to give Pogo access to the contacts on your phone. This makes it very easy to connect with people on Pogo and set up shared rides. We don’t share your Contacts with any third parties – it is only to make your Pogo experience work better for you. If you would like to change Pogo’s access to your phone contacts, go to the Settings menu in the app and click on Permissions.

When you first use Pogo you will be asked to give Pogo permission to send you notifications. These are commonly referred to as “push notifications” and are messages that pop up for a brief moment on your phone when you have it unlocked, or may appear on your phone’s lock screen. Pogo uses these notifications to alert you to events in the Pogo app, such as someone requesting a ride from you; that a driver has confirmed they will drive your child as you requested; that a driver can no longer drive your child; and that your child has been picked up or dropped off. If you would like to change Pogo’s ability to send you notifications, go to the Settings menu in the app and click on Permissions.

Entering into a mutual connection with someone on Pogo means that you grant access to detailed profile information for each other’s family – to the extent that you have included it in your Pogo profile – which may include the name, profile photo, and grade of your children. It grants access to your first and last name and the ability to call or message you via the mobile number that you used for your Pogo registration. It also shows mutual contacts and mutual groups that the two of you share. So please consider this thoroughly before becoming a Pogo contact with someone.

Pogo can do a couple of cool things with your phone calendar: (1) automatically sync any Pogo ride so that it always shows up with the most current details on your phone calendar; and (2) you can take any event on your phone calendar and quickly turn it into a Pogo ride because it inherits all of the date, time, and location information.

Pogo requires trust so that we can confidently have our children share rides safely as part of an interconnected community. This level of trust requires authenticity and transparency. Users on Pogo need to be real, verifiable people and represent themselves honestly and openly. We strive to provide the tools and policies to make that possible.


It’s important to keep in mind that every step within the Pogo app is completely voluntary on the part of the user. The user chooses to download the app, they choose who to connect with, which groups to join and, most importantly, who rides in their car and with whom their children ride. As part of that process we collect a limited set of personal information about you and your child(ren). This data is not shared with any third-parties for their marketing purposes. It is shared with other Pogo users when you choose to connect with them 1:1; when you agree to be part of a ride with other families; and when you are part of the same Pogo group.


Pogo makes every effort to ensure that your information is secure in our system. Pogo has staff dedicated to maintaining the security of all user data. Pogo’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers and utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology stack. Amazon’s data center operations have been accredited under ISO 27001; SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402; PCI Level 1; FISMA Moderate; and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).


With that said, unfortunately no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, Pogo cannot 100% guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us, and users must be comfortable with some small level of risk that accompanies any online activity. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not use the Pogo app or services.


For a complete discussion of our policies as it relates to your data, please refer to our Terms of Service at www.pogorides.com/terms/ and Privacy Policy at www.pogorides.com/privacy/.