Founded by parents, for parents

As working parents in the Seattle area, we know the negotiating, juggling, and trade-offs required to keep up with increasingly busy kids. We’ve left work early only to show up at the same soccer field as our neighbor. Or hesitated to sign up for that cool summer camp because we couldn’t get our daughter there every day. We are excited about the power of technology to foster community and make the lives of busy parents just a little bit easier.

CEO, Co-founder

Melissa has been helping companies and non-profits develop strategy and roll-out global programs for the last 15 years. When she became a mom she knew she wanted to focus her energies on building something to make life easier for busy parents. She is excited to be building something closer to home that frees up time for busy parents. With two sons she knows the importance of community and that parenting takes a village!

CFO, Co-founder

John spearheaded many marketing launches for Microsoft before turning his attention to helping start-ups with strategy and go-to-market tactics. He is the father of two teenage girls and has driven to and from 4932 soccer practices (and counting).


Kaveh drives the technology that delivers a great Pogo experience. With over 15 years as a senior engineer at Microsoft and multiple tech start-ups, he is passionate about building products and services with a broad and meaningful social impact.

Mobile Developer

Mark works closely with Kaveh in the Pogo engine room. Mark worked for 10+ years in the games industry, which makes him a pretty cool dad to two young boys. He transitioned to start-ups to build products that positively impact people’s lives.


Director of Marketing and Partnerships

While he may be the only non-parent on the team, Jacob has been drawn on with crayons many times, having worked in childhood education for many years before coming to Pogo. As an avid lover of technology and urbanism, he’s excited to help make people’s lives better through transportation and community. When he’s not telling the masses about Pogo, he’s exploring Seattle, one divey restaurant at a time.

Social Media

Julia is Pogo’s point person for groups of all sizes. With a background in private school admissions and social services, she knows the positive impact of creating strong communities. She is excited for organizations and families to make valuable and time-saving connections through Pogo. Julia is a minivan driving, snack providing, carpooling mother of two daughters.

UX Designer

Mei gets her hands dirty around designing creative solutions. She is producing tons of mocks, ideas, videos, and webpages for Pogo. Before coming to Pogo, she designed and shipped products for big companies like Baidu and Google. In addition to making our product understandable and pleasurable, Mei is also interested in telling stories via photography.