Pogo is built for parents, by parents. We are passionate about building community and giving parents the information they need to share rides. We can help simplify your existing carpools and discover new carpool connections across all of your trusted groups.

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Pogo is as easy as:


Bring your existing carpool, join a trusted group, or create your own group

Post rides you need

Give rides when you have an extra seat

Find a Ride

  • Coordinate: If you already have a carpool set up, Pogo stores and organizes all carpool related messages and automatically updates your calendar

  • Connect: Post a ride request to one or more of your trusted groups to maximize your carpool opportunities

  • Assure: Built-in notifications let you know your child has been picked up and dropped off

Give a Ride

  • Discover: Quickly filter the rides needed according to group, date, and geography

  • Remember: Pogo automatically updates your calendar with your driving obligations and reminds you with pre-ride notifications

  • Reciprocate: Help someone when they're in a bind, and count on someone to help you. We're all in this together!

  • Sustain: Reduce congestion and carbon emissions and track the carpool miles you've driven with our Pogometer



Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to transporting kids. That’s why we build safety checks into each step of the ride process, so you have peace of mind knowing that your child will safely and securely get where they need to be.

  • Secure sign-in so only users that you approve can create, view, or offer rides to parents in your group
  • Membership and group information only viewable by users in your group
  • GPS tracking enables parents to track their child's every move
  • Plus we can help with driving record and background checks if your group wants that extra layer of security

What We Believe

There are 26 million US households with kids ages 6-17. Our research indicates that these kids need more than 4 billion rides to scheduled activities every year.

Pogo is here to connect parents to trusted rides because we believe parents deserve more support in managing their busy families. We believe this support is, in many cases, close by – in our neighborhoods, schools, sports clubs, and places of worship. We believe technology can be a force to build connection, ease logistics, and provide information that enables trust. We believe great parenting takes a village, and that every parent could use a little extra time to do/make/work/create/cook/breath. 

But it only works with your help. Be our guide and tell us what you find useful in our service. More importantly, you have to be willing to reach out and discover, within your own trusted groups, new carpool connections for your most cherished cargo. We can only provide the technology to facilitate that.

Working together, if we can increase kids carpooling by just 20%, our research indicates that each year we can remove 300,000 cars from US roads and reduce carbon emissions by 1.7 million tons (like planting 80 million trees). And give parents back 5 days per year per child from not having to drive so much. Let's do this!